Hiccups, everybody gets them, but what are they? It is a synchronous diaphragmatic flutter, which is the diaphragm contacting uncontrollably. Caused by eating or drinking too quickly and swallowing air, drinking carbonated beverages, excitement and emotional stress and other quirks, disorders or medications, most times hiccups will go away on their own over time, but if you want to know some clever home remedies and tricks to stop them, read on!

1. Raw sweetness

A spoonful of sugar could stop hiccups in its tracks. Ingesting such a grainy substance may irritate the esophagus, essentially interrupting the hiccups and resetting them. The fact that its sugar is just nice to the taste some may not be able to handle a teaspoon of sugar at once though. You could also try a spoonful of chocolate powder, or cocoa powder or drinking chocolate. Same thing, the powder is hard to eat and can irritate the pipes; it also gives your mouth a good workout.